Bangle shell dangle on the beach by Volant Silver
Volant Snippets

Bangle Shell Dangle

Here is our bangle shell dangle on Penoncillo beach where the shell was found.  It looks so shiny cast in sterling silver and is a great stand alone piece. It also looks great stacked with other jewellery.  The shell hangs perfectly down the hand or dances underneath it. This piece was originally created for my mum’s birthday and I have a matching one that I never take off.  It reminds me of walks down the beach, listening to the sea and smelling the sardines cooking on the log fires outside the beachside restaurants. The ridges and marks of the original shell are faithfully reproduced and as a piece of silver jewellery it is outstanding. When worn, the shell may be balanced on top of your hand or allowed to dangle underneath. We have many other shell jewellery items, check out our Andalusian Collection.


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