silver on the rocks Large shell necklace on rock, made by Volant Silver Jewellery
Volant Snippets

Silver on the Rocks

Silver on the rocks! Here we are in beautiful Andalusia in Southern Spain, with jewellery photography on the rocks of the beach.  So we thought we would take the opportunity to bring some our pieces back to where their journey started.  On holiday last year when strolling along the beach I commented on the many different shapes and colours. We wondered how many times in their lives they must be tumbled by the sea bringing them onto the shore each day.

We decided to collect a few to take home as a reminder of our holiday in a place that brings us great happiness and calmness.  Last year we made our first sterling silver cast of the first shell we picked up. Here it is against a cool, glistening rock on the beach we found it on. Now that’s silver on the rocks! This year, we decided to shoot our whole current catalogue against this rock backdrop. It shows the silver off so well.

We now have another post that will tell you about that rock so we won’t repeat that story here.

Silver on the Rocks Holiday

After taking our silver jewellery pictures we would walk on the beach and look for more shells, pebbles and driftwood that we might be able to use. Or perhaps we would take a trip to a nearby Spanish village looking for inspiration.

In the evenings we worked on the website. Not always the best holiday occupation, but we’d watch a film whilst doing so. And there was always the pizza from nearby La Roima, Torrox, and the beers at Bar Jaima. The local shop sold wine that we get in the UK for £8 for 3 euros, so we’d occasionally enjoy that whilst processing the day’s photos of silver on the rocks and accompanying thoughts.

Silver on the Rocks? It made so much sense after the vino. But we know what we meant. We were so happy to have brought our creations in silver back to where we found the originals. And to be creating a beautiful website to show them off.

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