Volant Silver jewellery offer a collection of bangles, necklaces, pendants and rings all handmade in solid sterling silver
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Volant Garden

Volant garden life is where we show off our jewellery in, well, the garden. This time of year everything in the Volant garden is changing. So we thought we’d use it as a backdrop for displaying our silver jewellery.  The leaves are starting to morph from bright green to golden red. The young pheasants are getting braver and standing outside the door looking for extra food.

Soon it will be time to dig the reeds out of the pond in the Volant garden. This is for the return of our ducks in February.  For the time being they are providing a vibrant backdrop for pictures of our new jewellery.  All our pieces are sterling silver, handmade and hand-finished.

Volant Jewellery

We don’t have (or want) machinery to ensure that all our work is exactly same and perfect.  So, our pieces are what we like to think of as perfectly imperfect.  We hand file any rough edges that appear as part of the sandcasting process and ensure that your piece will be super shiny and comfortable to wear.  Just like all of us, and just like the Volant garden,  our jewellery has little dinks and nicks. They represent the process of sandcasting. They add character to each and every item ensuring that one is never exactly the same as the other.

In our shop you will find all sorts of sterling silver jewellery pieces that have drawn inspiration from the Volant garden and what we see around us. We add to our range all the time. So with Autumn approaching and no more beach holidays in sight I think we will be using the garden a bit more for inspiration. So…hmm, acorns, pine cones…?

Next to the garden is our pigsty, which we are busy converting to our silversmith workshop, a post on that will follow.

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