Volant Silver jewellery photo shoot - photographing sterling silver jewellery in the Volant Silver studio
Volant Snippets

Arranging a Volant Silver Jewellery Photo Shoot

Our picture above shows the beginnings of a Volant Silver jewellery photo shoot. A lot of work goes into presenting jewellery correctly. Trying to give potential customers a feel for each piece in our shop whilst they are viewing remotely is a tall order. Silver in particular is tricky to photograph, particularly against a white background.

We do use photo editing software frequently on backgrounds and for re-sizing pictures. However, we never use it to embellish any of our jewellery – to show off the natural beauty of each piece.   We enjoy using natural backdrops in our Volant Silver jewellery photo shoots. We look for plants, rocks or driftwood for example.  Taking pictures on the beach was a great experience, but too much sun can bleach out the image.  There was also the hazard of the waves trying to claim some pieces for themselves!

The Volant Silver Jewellery Photo Shoot Rock

The particular rock we used to take the product images in this silver jewellery photo shoot on was a real find. It was regularly washed over by the tide, giving it that lovely glistening look. Where waves splashed the items being photographed, we left the water droplets on as they looked fab. We couldn’t have placed them better ourselves!

We returned to the rock a few hours the next morning to finish the photo shoot with a more subdued light. Nearby, a small piece of the rock had broken off. We found it to be just the right size for us to take home. This way we could continue shooting the pieces of jewellery we didn’t have with us. We found it’s not quite the same though, the light and shimmer in those home shots is just not the same. But that rock still remains one of the best backgrounds we’ve seen for a Volant Silver jewellery photo shoot.

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