Gemma modelling Volant Sterling Silver Jewellery
Volant Snippets

Gemma Tries It All On

Modelling Silver Jewellery:

Gemma tries it all on! Today our friend Gemma came to see us and ended up modelling silver jewellery. She had a great time trying on lots of silver pendants and bangles. We took a couple of hundred photos while she was here and we’ll add some of these to the Volant Silver website soon. Its always interesting to discover which pieces of silver jewellery people are most attracted to. As every person is unique, so is every piece of handmade jewellery. Everyone picks different pieces as their favourites. Sometimes they see something that isn’t quite for them, but it gives them an idea of what they would like. And when we know that, we can make it specially for them.

Because we manufacture everything we sell – apart from silver chains – we are able to do anything we need to in order to make our customers happy. And that is what you get by purchasing from a proper silversmith rather than a website which is merely importing from the far east, quadrupling the price and telling you that its all handmade. And there are plenty of them about!

I’m sure we could even arrange for you to come and see your piece of jewellery being made if you wished to.

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