Sterling silver jewellery sizing of bangles and rings
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Bangle and Ring Sizing

Bangle and Ring sizing: perhaps you have noticed that when you hover over some of our products you are invited to ‘Add to Basket’ whereas others will invite you to ‘Select Options’. The Select Options is just asking what size you would like. Some people know their wrist and finger sizes for ordering sterling silver jewellery. If that’s the case, selecting the options should be easy. If you do not, read on to find out more about Bangle and Ring sizing.

Bangle (and Cuff) Sizing

Make a mark in the middle of your first finger knuckle whilst your fist is clenched. Then make a mark on your fourth finger knuckle also whilst your fist is clenched. Measure the distance between the marks and choose the bangle size that most closely matches your measurement. Small 62mm, medium 65mm, large 68mm. Or email us with any other size requirement.

Ring Sizing

Wrap a slim piece of paper round where the ring will sit. Mark the point at which the paper overlaps. Measure the length of the paper that went round your finger up to the point of overlap. Use the chart below to convert your measurement to your UK ring size.

G – 45.5mm
H – 46.5mm
I – 48.0mm
J – 48.5mm
K – 50.0mm
L – 51.0mm
M – 52.5mm
N – 54.0mm
O – 55.0mm
P – 56.0mm
Q – 57.6mm
R – 59.0mm
S – 60.0mm
T – 61.5mm
U – 63.0mm
V – 64.0mm
W – 65.0mm
X – 66.5mm

And Finally…

If you receive your order and find that you need the size changing, we will do this for you free of charge. Just let us know the bangle and ring sizing changes you need making.

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