A selection of our favourite sterling silver chain types
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Sterling Silver Chain Types

You’ll notice that when we showcase our sterling silver pendants they are shown on different sterling silver chain types. However our standard is the fabulous Diamond Cut Belcher.

This photo shows a selection of our favourite silver chains for our pendants. If you see a pendant you like and want to have it on a different chain, please just Contact Us.

We also like to see our pendants on leather, typically we use 3mm black or brown round leather with silver clasps.

So the chains, from left to right, are:

  • diamond cut belcher
  • long hammered trace 1.8mm
  • plain oval 3 belcher
  • popcorn
  • curb
  • Spiga 1.5mm
  • belcher (small)
  • plain curb 25/11
  • Prince of Wales rope
  • small oval
  • circle 4mm
  • ball1.2mm
  • ball 1.5mm
  • trace
  • cable 33/12
  • cable 28/14
  • baby snake
  • omega.
A selection of our favourite sterling silver chain types
Sterling Silver Chain Types

You may also order pendants and request them without a chain, for which we will reduce the price accordingly. Also, if you have a different chain type in mind we will be happy to try and source that for you (chains are one thing we don’t make!).

If you are a customer and have a silver chain which requires cleaning, we can arrange that for you for a small charge to cover postage.

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