Volant Silver is based in Bingley, West Yorkshire, England and manufactures solid sterling silver jewellery: silver bangles, pendants, rings and earrings.

Cheryl: I’ve had a lifelong love affair with sterling silver jewellery. I bring my collection of designs to life in Volant Silver. I get my passion and creativity from the wonderful things I see around me. Be it the fruits of an English autumn, the beaches of the Mediterranean or my love of natural gemstones. Mostly I have a sketch book that I carry with me all the time, and when I get ideas I scribble them down ready to show to Rob. I create several design ideas a week, as a result we always have lots of good ideas to choose from.

Rob: I bring Cheryl’s designs to life. She will bring me an idea, and I try it and it takes on a life of its own and all of a sudden there is something beautiful staring back at me! I’m not one to scrimp on material costs. I fabricate solid sterling silver jewellery of a weight not often seen. And with a rustic yet glorious finish.

Silver ring photo

Finish & Weight

Our Volant Silver jewellery creations offer hand crafted quality sterling silver jewellery at sensible prices.

All our pieces of sterling silver jewellery are handmade – these are not machine finished pieces. The hand crafting contributes to their unique attraction #perfectly_imperfect.

All our work is solid sterling silver and this may be felt in the weight, which is stated in the item description. For example, our silver Floral Heart pendant weighs 55 grams – a third of the weight of an average Smart Phone. Enjoy the sensation of wearing solid precious metal jewellery.

Delivery & Care

We do our best to fulfil orders promptly. Delivery times may vary from one day to one week depending on stock and on hallmarking turnaround. We’ll keep you informed of your order’s progress.

We hope you are very happy with your order once you receive it. Remember to care for your silver Jewellery: clean it regularly; avoid contact with water, chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes; avoid scratches; do not bend; store in a dry place out of sunlight.


All our pieces are made from sterling silver and are hallmarked for us by Sheffield Assay Office.

Our hallmarks are easily recognised as they carry our unique Volant Silver ‘VS’ banner. To explain: the number 925 indicates the fineness of sterling silver, the rose in the middle is the Sheffield Assay mark, the lion is the traditional symbol for sterling silver and the letter ‘t’ denotes the year the piece was hallmarked (2018).

Volant Silver Hallmark 2018
Volant Silver Hallmark 2018
Volant Silver jewellery is hallmarked by Sheffield Assay Office

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