Faceted Pendant (Pear Shaped) Necklace


  • Solid sterling silver throughout
  • Hallmarked
  • Size of pendant approximately 34mm by 22mm (widest) by 10mm (deepest)
  • Approximate weight 44 grams
  • 20 inch cable chain

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Faceted Pendant (Pear Shaped) Necklace

We love this faceted pendant from our Monteux collection. The Faceted Pear Shaped pendant is a super shiny piece with its sparkly facets.  So a real chunksome piece of solid sterling silver – a definite statement piece.

Solid & Reliable

This feels very solid and reliable to wear. It reflects all light very well. The hallmark is on the reverse. It is smooth against the skin. Pretty much guaranteed to make you feel like a Bond girl as you walk into the casino in Montreux.

Where We Got the Idea

This is another from the Hotel Eden Palace Au Lac. There is so much inspiration there. Whether it be the ornaments, lights, cutlery…just everything about that hotel simply oozes class and sophistication. And we love to bring you some of that in our sterling silver jewellery collections.

Making It

This is fairly easy to cast in sterling silver as it is not too wide and has a relatively even width.  However the finishing – which involves filing – is another matter. This is because one has to file of any unevenness without distorting the edges of the facets. The drilling of the hole for the jump ring is also tricky as it’s a sloped surface. These are always a delight to see finished and polished.

Looking After You

All new jewellery designs are tested to ensure you will be happy with them. Usually this is Cheryl’s task, although Robert tests the cufflinks. Firstly, all new designs are assessed for comfort. Also for durability, appropriate chain and chain length. Additionally we take note of comments made on the jewellery we are wearing. And we learn from and act upon all feedback. We won’t ship any jewellery we are not 100% happy with. Ultimately, you are protected with our easy returns policy.


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