Floral Heart Pendant Necklace


  • Solid sterling silver throughout
  • Hallmarked
  • Size of heart approximately 37mm by 28mm by 8mm
  • Approximate weight 55 grams
  • 18 inch quality diamond cut chain

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This beautiful floral heart pendant is sand cast in sterling silver. We used an original piece (with kind permission) from ceramic artist Bo Hulley. Bo’s pieces are full of colour and warmth. So seeing them in cool sterling silver is very different and rewarding. The floral heart sits comfortably in spite of its weight due to its flat reverse. It’s mounted on our brilliant diamond cut necklace chain.

Wearing It

Well its 55 grams of sterling silver jewellery so please be prepared for that! Perhaps our heaviest sterling silver pendant. It’s just over half the weight of the smallest Royal Mint sterling silver ingot. Having said that, as we say above, it sits comfortably on your neck with the more than capable diamond cut silver chain.


We did a series of Bo Hulley’s works in sterling silver and just couldn’t leave this one out. Its a favourite. Really we should add a Bo Hulley collection to our front page. Hearts in silver are always popular – we think you will find this is the biggest heart pendant available in the world.

Making It

Every aspect of creating this is a challenge. The depth of the heart shifts the delft clay as we make the impression, and there is a good hour’s painstaking work involved in rectifying this. Then one has to get enough silver to flow into the impression fast enough to make a good cast. Creating the mounting hole defies most laws of physics and it’s very easy at this stage to ruin the finished heart. But we make them anyway because we love them.

Looking After You

All new jewellery designs are tested to ensure you will be happy with them. Usually this is Cheryl’s task, although Robert tests the cufflinks. Firstly, all new designs are assessed for comfort. Also for durability, appropriate chain and chain length. Additionally we take note of comments made on the jewellery we are wearing. And we learn from and act upon all feedback. We won’t ship any jewellery we are not 100% happy with. Ultimately, you are protected with our easy returns policy on our sterling silver jewellery.

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