Obelisk Pendant Necklace


  • Solid sterling silver throughout
  • Hallmarked
  • Size of pendant approximately 55mm by 15mm (bottom) by 11mm (bottom)
  • Approximate weight 54 grams
  • 18 inch quality diamond cut chain

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Obelisk Pendant Necklace

A massive obelisk pendant. This is a super sparkly standout piece. The obelisk bounces flashes of light from its long smooth edges. The obelisk has a reassuring weight when worn. In addition, the stunning diamond cut chain which holds the obelisk has a sparkle all of its own. We enclose a cleaning cloth with all our products so that you may maintain the sparkle.

Wearing It

Wear it to stand out from the crowd. A sterling silver obelisk pendant is always a good piece for a bond girl in a casino! Or just stunning with that little black dress at any party.


If you look at parts of the Montreux casino you will see some lovely geometry. I think that is what made me think of this. Its a combination of the geometry and that it’s also a bit like an ingot – another part of casino symbology.

Making It

This is a very difficult cast due to it’s dimensions and because of the need to get sharp edge lines. Typically it takes a few hours to produce one of these. We are not aware of any other Silversmith selling anything that comes anywhere near the magnificence of this piece. Please do look at the specifications of this (above) – five and a half centimetres long and 54 grams in weight!

Looking After You

All new jewellery designs are tested to ensure you will be happy with them. Usually this is Cheryl’s task, although Robert tests the cufflinks. Firstly, all new designs are assessed for comfort. Also for durability, appropriate chain and chain length. Additionally we take note of comments made on the jewellery we are wearing. And we learn from and act upon all feedback. We won’t ship any jewellery we are not 100% happy with. Ultimately, you are protected with our easy returns policy on our Obelisk Pendant Necklace.


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