Silver Bangles

Silver bangles are a complete round and slip over the wearer’s hand. A cuff has a gap in the round and slips over the wearer’s wrist.

All our bangles and cuffs are made from solid (so not hollow!) sterling silver.

We make all bangles & cuffs from scratch. Sterling silver bullion is rolled into various shapes and sizes of ‘wire’: round, oval, D shaped, square and so on. Then, the appropriate length of silver wire for the size of bangle is cut and shaped into round, oval or custom (our Wishbone Cuff is an example of custom). If its a bangle rather than a cuff then there is some soldering to do to join it together. Once our bangles are formed they go through several hand finishing processes, to remove firestain (from soldering), remove manufacturing scratches and finally to add a beautiful polished silver finish.

Simple Silver Bangles & Cuffs

Simple is sometimes best! And of course these silver cuffs and bangles may be worn together to create a stacked effect.

Browse our range and get in touch if you want a truly individual silver bangle.

Because we make everything we sell, we can be really flexible and love to create that something special for you or your loved one.

We always specify the dimensions and weight of what our jewellery is made of. You may be interested to know that when you compare a bangle or cuff made of 3mm silver wire (which is a really substantial bangle/cuff) to one made of 4mm wire (VERY substantial), although there is just 1mm difference in the thickness of the silver it makes a heck of a difference to the feel and weight…and therefore of course to the price.

Silver Charm Bangles & Bracelets

Charm bangles involve most silversmith skills in their creation. Having made a silver bangle as outlined above, we then add a charm. This is usually done by soldering a small silver ring (called a jump ring) to the charm and then around the bangle.

Of course we first have to make the charm! As you will read elsewhere on our website we cast our charms in sand. Put simply, we find an object we like, make an impression in sand within a steel enclosure, then pour molten sterling silver into the impression to create our charms.

The whole piece is then finished, polished, sent for hallmarking and then finished and polished again.

We love to make charms from things we find on the beach so you’ll see a lot of silver seashell and pebble charms here, but if you have something special you’d like us to cast for you we will – if it’s at all possible.

Silver Bangles & Cuffs

All our silver bangles, cuffs and bracelets are special to us in some way or another. Some of them fit into categories and some don’t. Below you will see some which feature castings as above, and others which are slightly more complex than our ‘simple bangle’ section.

The Wave bangle, for example, is a design that Cheryl had in her mind for ages and was just bursting to make. It looks so simple on the product picture, but believe me, when you wear that bangle it |REALLY grabs attention. Simple and brilliant.

The infinity bangle is a design from a lovely elderly lady in the cottage near our workshop – we loved bringing that to life for her. The Wishbone cuff is one of Cheryl’s designs and its a lovely light piece with more to it than meets the eye – it’s not often you see silver wristwear in square profile. As you can see, we are also happy to personalise flat bangles and cuffs.

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