Silver Pendants

Every one of our silver pendants is made by us. Most usually this is done by casting molten sterling silver grain into a delft clay mold. We then hand finish each cast piece, filing and polishing until we are 100% happy. The pendants are then sent to Sheffield Assay Office for hallmarking, and once they are returned they go through a final finishing process.

Silver may be melted using a gas torch, and becomes molten at over 1,000 degrees centigrade. Whilst pouring into the mold, a flame has to continually cover the silver to prevent oxygen from getting to the silver – this would ruin the casting.

I read somewhere that creating the perfect piece of silver jewellery – in this case a pendant – is a matter of progressing through a series of individual processes, each of which must be done perfectly. This is often on my mind in the workshop, and helps me to work patiently.

Silver Charm Pendants

Our charm pendants are usualy made from our smaller silver castings. Sometimes we use the same cast pieces on some of our silver rings. If there is a particular design you have in mind but can’t see it in this pendants section, check out our bangles page and rings page as we have other designs there which we could make as pendants. Alternatively, contact us to tell us what you would like.

For example, one of our customers asked for a butterfly. We didn’t have any butterfly charms at the time, so we made some in clay and photographed them. The lady chose one from the photographs and we proceeded to cast it in silver for her. We loved it too so its now added to our jewellery range as a pendant and as a bangle charm.

You may also mix and match charms, let us know which you would like and on what chain and we will work out a price for you.

Silver Sea & Shell Pendants

Silver pendant jewellery inspired by our many and endless fantastic beach walks and the shells & pebbles we pick up along the way.

For every dozen shells or pebbles we pick up, one may get cast into silver.

The shells we find depend on the time of year and the places we visit. Sometimes the shells are just perfect and sometimes we do a little filing and filling to make them just so.

One that we will always remember is the original Curved Heart Shaped shell. So beautiful and meaningful, and yet so simple. Even today, we always say as we commence our beachcombing that we are looking for the next CHS shell.

Add to the shell hunting the other fab beach jewellery – anchors, seahorses, starfish – and the fact that we get to walk in the sun and see the sights and smell the smells (like sardine beach barbeques), and you’ll understand why we love doing what we do x

Silver Pendants

Some of these are really substantial silver pendants, we once worked out that the heaviest weigh as much as a third of the weight of the average smart phone. All solid silver & some real statement jewellery. One of the Silver Feather pendants was sold to a lady in California recently, would love to see the sunshine glinting off it over there.

Not many jewellery makers manufacture and sell pieces like this. We are also one of the very few silversmiths who specify the weight and dimensions of every piece we sell. This way you know before you buy that you are buying substantial silver jewellery. Incidentally, the weights stated for our pendants include the chain. If you want to convert that to pendant only weight, deduct 9 grams, which is the weight of our heaviest chain, the diamond cut belcher.

You will see pendants offered here on various chains – the diamond cut belcher being our standard – but we are happy to supply on any chain, or even leather. To see our favourite chains see our sterling silver chain types post.

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