Silver Rings

Volant Silver make all rings to order from scratch, in the size you ask for, from sterling silver. We are happy to re-size for free if needed, and also to vary any design to suit you where possible. Just let us know your requirements when you order.

We make all sorts of rings, from plain bands to intricate textured and cast pieces. Most of our rings are available in any ring size, but a few are one off pieces, where this is the case the size of the ring is specified in the product title.

Our rings are hallmarked if over seven grams and are not hallmarked if under that weight. However if you’d like a ring that’s under the hallmarking limit to be hallmarked, we will do that with pleasure but there will be a small extra charge and possibly a small extra wait.

Scroll on to see our Charm Dangle Rings, Textured Rings, Cast Rings and other Silver Rings.

Textured Silver Rings

When we make a textured ring for you we initially make the ring a size smaller than you ordered. This is because the texturizing process – striking the ring with one of our wide range of jewellery hammers each with different patterned heads – increases the size of the ring.

We have many different textures available and it can be hard to describe them. We use words like soft, sharp, light, medium and heavy to describe the different textures. Each finish reflects the light in its own brilliant way.

Mixing and matching our plain, textured and other rings works really well and each ring helps to show off the next.

Hopefully the images of each ring convey the texture, but remember that if when you receive your ring you are not happy with it you may return it to be changed, exchanged or refunded.

Cast Silver Rings

Our silver castings are made by making impressions of an original item into delft clay and then pouring in molten silver (at over 1,000 degrees centigrade!). This makes a solid silver jewellery piece which exactly reflects each facet of the original.

For our cast rings we of course use fairly small castings compared to a lot of our pendants. Once the casting is finished, we create the ring itself and then solder the cast piece and the ring together. Sometimes we solder the casting to a complete ring, as in the case of our Silver Kiss Ring, and other times we cut the ring to suit the casting, as with the Silver Horseshoe ring.

If you have an idea for a bespoke silver ring, whether with a casting of your own keepsake or not, please get in touch with us to find out if we can make it into a beautiful silver ring for you.

Silver Rings

Through processes of bending, heating, soldering, texturing, casting, stone setting and stamping we handmake our own wide selection of sterling silver rings.

Sometimes designs are requested by customers, sometimes we sketch them out in detail on paper in advance and sometimes they are the result of moments of inspiration in the workshop.

Whatever the ring we are making and however its made, we work to ensure you will be really happy with your ring.

Remember to specify the size of silver ring you want when ordering. You may know your size already, or you can read our guide to ring sizing.

We are continually adding more ring designs to our range so please keep visiting to see the latest additions.

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