• Sterling silver jewellery sizing of bangles and rings
    Volant Snippets

    Bangle and Ring Sizing

    Bangle and Ring sizing: perhaps you have noticed that when you hover over some of our products you are invited to ‘Add to Basket’ whereas others will invite you to ‘Select Options’. The Select Options is just asking what size you would like. Some people know their wrist and finger sizes for ordering sterling silver jewellery. If that’s the case, selecting the options should be easy. If you do not, read on to find out more about Bangle and Ring sizing. Bangle (and Cuff) Sizing Make a mark in the middle of your first finger knuckle whilst your fist is clenched. Then make a mark on your fourth finger knuckle…

  • Volant Silver jewellery photo shoot - photographing sterling silver jewellery in the Volant Silver studio
    Volant Snippets

    Arranging a Volant Silver Jewellery Photo Shoot

    Our picture above shows the beginnings of a Volant Silver jewellery photo shoot. A lot of work goes into presenting jewellery correctly. Trying to give potential customers a feel for each piece in our shop whilst they are viewing remotely is a tall order. Silver in particular is tricky to photograph, particularly against a white background. We do use photo editing software frequently on backgrounds and for re-sizing pictures. However, we never use it to embellish any of our jewellery – to show off the natural beauty of each piece.   We enjoy using natural backdrops in our Volant Silver jewellery photo shoots. We look for plants, rocks or driftwood for example.  Taking pictures…

  • Volant Silver Jewellery visit Talisman silversmiths Maro
    Volant Snippets

    Talisman Silversmiths, Maro, Spain

    We found Talisman Silversmiths in the wonderfully sleepy village of Maro, Spain. You need to drive about forty five miles east of Malaga. Maro sits on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the sea and as you will see is surrounded by agricultural land. We think it’s beauty is beyond words. The village was recently featured on Spanish TV programme and has since become popular with Spanish tourists. We find it can become busy on high season weekends. Consequently, we try to visit it during the week to catch it at its best. Talisman Silversmiths Talisman Silversmiths is located in the heart of the village. We love the appropriate background music and effective air…

  • Volant Silver jewellery offer a collection of bangles, necklaces, pendants and rings all handmade in solid sterling silver
    Volant Snippets

    Volant Garden Life

    Volant Garden Volant garden life is where we show off our jewellery in, well, the garden. This time of year everything in the Volant garden is changing. So we thought we’d use it as a backdrop for displaying our silver jewellery.  The leaves are starting to morph from bright green to golden red. The young pheasants are getting braver and standing outside the door looking for extra food. Soon it will be time to dig the reeds out of the pond in the Volant garden. This is for the return of our ducks in February.  For the time being they are providing a vibrant backdrop for pictures of our new…

  • Volant Silver get inspiration from 3 culture festival Frigliana
    Volant Snippets

    Frigiliana – full of inspiration

    Today we visited the beautiful  Spanish village of Frigiliana.  Perched on the mountainside the village is getting ready for the Festival Las Tres Culturas (The Festival Of Three Cultures) which lasts for four days and celebrates the cultures that have inhabited the region over the centuries.  Because of this thousands descend on the village to enjoy food, music and traditions.  Consequently Frigiliana, a stunning white washed village with spectacular views, becomes very busy and bustling at this time. There is great food and even better shopping.  I love the white houses with their doors painted vibrant shades of blue and their wonderfully coloured plant pots.  I wonder if Rob will…

  • Silver Beach Starfish cuff bangle by Volant Silver on the beach with pebbles
    Volant Snippets

    Silver Beach Starfish

    Silver beach starfish – silver on the beach. I love the Starfish Story by Loren Eiseley, and so this post is about a silver starfish bangle.  Loren Eiseley wrote a short poem about how a seemingly small action can make a difference.  When we started to create jewellery I knew that we must have a starfish piece.  This Sterling Silver Starfish sits on top of a chunky silver cuff.  It’s a real showstopper of a piece.  Here it is sparkling away atop a beautiful white stone tumbled by the sea. The Loren Eiseley Starfish Story As the story says: There were thousands of starfish on miles and miles of beach.…

  • silver on the rocks Large shell necklace on rock, made by Volant Silver Jewellery
    Volant Snippets

    Silver on the Rocks

    Silver on the rocks! Here we are in beautiful Andalusia in Southern Spain, with jewellery photography on the rocks of the beach.  So we thought we would take the opportunity to bring some our pieces back to where their journey started.  On holiday last year when strolling along the beach I commented on the many different shapes and colours. We wondered how many times in their lives they must be tumbled by the sea bringing them onto the shore each day. We decided to collect a few to take home as a reminder of our holiday in a place that brings us great happiness and calmness.  Last year we made…

  • Bangle shell dangle on the beach by Volant Silver
    Volant Snippets

    Bangle Shell Dangle

    Here is our bangle shell dangle on Penoncillo beach where the shell was found.  It looks so shiny cast in sterling silver and is a great stand alone piece. It also looks great stacked with other jewellery.  The shell hangs perfectly down the hand or dances underneath it. The bangle shell dangle piece was originally created for my mum’s birthday.  However I have a matching one that I never take off.  It reminds me of walks down the beach, listening to the sea and smelling the sardines cooking on the log fires outside the beachside restaurants. The ridges and marks of the original shell are faithfully reproduced and as a…

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